Why 6ix Management

We are the go-to company for career development and personal development when it comes to the sales and marketing industry. At 6ix Management Inc., we work with the #1 telecom brand in Ontario. Our clients love us, and they work with us because we strive to overachieve the goals they set up for us. We continually explore ways to deliver high-quality services to all our clients.

We love what we do, and we pay great attention to the details around us. We keep up with the most advanced solution and know how to get our client’s message to the right people. Overall, we always want to deliver excellent customer service and give our clients the best experience. Our integrity and stop-at-nothing attitude have enabled us to gain a stellar reputation within the telecom industry.

  • Why did we call it 6ix Management?
  • Mission and Vision
  • Expansion
  • What makes 6ix Management Inc stand out

We called it 6ix Management because our CEO was born and raised in the heart of Toronto. We launched in the Toronto area in 2019 in the North York region. We pride ourselves on creating brand awareness, exposure and growth for our clients in the GTA.

We are optimistic about how our firm is growing, and we will be experiencing more expansion in the future as we aim to open new locations, starting from Barrie and London. We also strive to establish our clients as nationwide brands with compelling strategies. 6ix Management Inc’s mission is to become a top marketing agency and grow our team from 10 to 30 reps in the Pickering location.

We also have our eyes set on our target of generating $100K a month in revenue for our primary clients, growing to London and Barrie. Apart from that, we want to encourage talented marketers to produce excellent results. We aim to present our clients with the best possible marketing strategies for their businesses by constantly improving how we work, using technology, systems, and processes.

Our goal is to market all major brands from the Toronto Region and eventually nationwide. Our goals as a company are to expand our brand nationwide with the growth opportunities we provide to our clients. We want to expand to Alberta, Saskatchewan, PEI, New Brunswick, etc.

Our expertise

Our team consists of highly energized, solution-oriented people who employ imagination and analytical thinking skills to set our clients up for success. Our skilled team enjoys setting up a platform for brand synergy with their users through memorable experiences and a range of amusing campaigns.

We build relationships

At 6ix Management Inc., we focus on high-quality training to ensure that our associates receive personalized training from our experts to succeed in the customer acquisition industry. Our training will help connect with a client’s target market and explain how these products and services add value to their lives.